Need and Electrician? One Vision experienced Electricians are fully qualified and certified for a range of Electrical Services in both your Home and Business. We offer a full range of electrician Services in and around Christchurch, including the following:


Electrical Maintenance Services

We offer standard maintenance and emergency electrician repairs for both residential and commercial environments. With Emergency Electrician Call outs, for example, we work with numerous rest homes where any power disruptions may be potentially fatal. We respond immediately to avoid any potential dangers to patients. With standard electrical maintenance, we repair or maintain all electrical wiring, plugs, machines, lighting, pretty much anything with a wire!

If it’s got a wire, we can probably repair or maintain it!

Regular Electrical Maintenance Contracts are available if continuity of your power supply is essential for your business, or, you just wish to even out your cash flow.


Commercial Buildings

We complete the electrical work for numerous high profile businesses, including BNZ, Noel Leeming and the Post Office. So, if you are a new commercial building, we can help with the full design and installation of your electrical wiring. With our experience, we aim to provide an installation that will actually minimize your power bill. We work with you to identify how your building and team with operate, then we come up with the ideas, including light sensors on switches to ensure lights turn off automatically, computer controlled lighting and many more. you’d be surprised at how much you will save over time, just by allowing us to put some thought into the original design.

We aim to provide an installation that will actually minimize your power bill

If you’re an existing business who’d like to reduce your power consumption, we offer Commercial Power Consumption Surveys to help you identify the best changes to make to reduce your power bills.



With our years of experience, we’ve become adept at working on production lines and a range of industrial machinery, including computer controlled machines. We are able to help you design and build your installation by working with your engineers and then ensure smooth running of your equipment by providing ongoing electrical maintenance, as required.

It’s our job to keep your production line running smoothly



With residential electrical work, we can do almost anything, from the ground up start to finish design and installation of a new home, to earthquake repairs, to maintenance of any kind, including:

  • Spa pool installations
  • Swimming Pool Lighting
  • Garden Lights
  • Landscaping Lighting
  • Water Wells (installation of the well and pumping system)
  • Our residential speciality, the electrical design and installation of home extensions
No Electrical job is too large or too small!
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