Security Systems

Security Systems

At One Vision, we supply, install and maintain high quality yet affordable Security Systems, CCTV, Surveillance Systems and Cameras suitable for both business Security and home security. We use Bosch and Sony, in our opinion the two best brands in New Zealand. They are similar in price and features and both are a High resolution System, this gives you a far superior product without being expensive. High Res gives you:

  • A better picture
  • Better facial recognition
  • Better license plate recognition
  • Makes the system more useful to identify potential issues
Security Tip:
Watch out for cheap, non-branded camera systems, often mass produced in China with few quality controls. Although cheaper in the short term, with their short lifespan and poor picture quality, they usually work out more expensive in the long term.
When looking for a security system for your home or business, we offer FREE on-site consultations to give you an accurate quotation with the right cameras for the job. We rarely give quotes over the phone as we want to ensure there are no surprises for you during the installation process. We will arrange a time to suit you, even evenings or weekends, if required.


We install security systems of any size, from only 1 camera, through to our largest installation to date, 200 cameras all linking into 1 computer system and install security systems for both Commercial Security and Residential Security applications.


Mega pixel cameras are now available, these offer exceptional quality but, obviously, at a higher price. If the picture clarity is especially important to you, these would be the recommended option for the future. Although expensive at the moment, the prices will come down.


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Taking large strides in the security equipment industry CCTV camera systems are inevitable in the areas of surveillance and security in the fields of commercial use, law and order, and the military. CCTV camera security systems Christchurch are welcome move in surveillance and the monitoring of incidental crime. They are worth the investment as they offer the most effective strategy in dealing with crime that is prevention. Consequently individuals or agencies having vested interest in the prevention of criminal acts through the use of a deterrent invest in CCTV system. Usually for investor or business owner, the rationale behind purchases of CCTV camera systems is prevention of crime. These CCTV camera systems are utilized in many small to medium-sized businesses.

One Vision CCTV Security Systems Christchurch based is experts in Electrical, Solar, Security, Surveillance and Alarm Systems. They supply, install and maintain a complete range of Business Security and Surveillance Systems.

Security systems Christchurch from One Vision is good way to monitor your surroundings. There are those that find a security system necessary in order to be a more participating entrepreneur, while others feel like they need the benefit of a home security camera. Whatever your reasons, all security systems at One Vision are designed after taking into consideration client needs and budget thus browse the website of before investing in camera for personal or professional use.

One Vision CCTV Surveillance Cameras Christchurch is based specialised in implementation of Alarm Systems, Electrical, Solar, Surveillance and Security. The team is all expert, qualified, and experienced electricians with a broad range of variety security, alarm, and electrical experience. With huge experience they have worked from small to large size wide range of industries.

The market for these types of Surveillance Cameras Christchurch has radically expanded with the advanced technology provided by home computer systems.

CCTV System Christchurch for Home Security and Surveillance Systems gives you the peace of mind you need in today’s world. One Vision can set up your home security system to allow you to view the camera footage live from your iPhone, your computer, or even your television. Imagine being able to check on your home even when you’re on holiday!

CCTV security system is highly useful in banks and places such as Stock Exchanges to prove safe and clear transfer of money from one hand to other hand. CCTV system protects you and your company. It can aid you in protecting your staff. It will be helpful to prove their innocence and help to prove to prove that they did not steal anything or are involved in any unlawful activity. With the help of CCTV system you can prevent anyone being wrongly accused. CCTV can protect your business from on-site injuries both from staff and visitors. In this sense CCTV Systems are defensive and protective.

As we all know that the main purpose with the CCTV Security System is to prevent offence and spot people who are engaged with the area. At the moment CCTV Systems are using an assortment of cameras depending on the viewpoint of signal broadcast from the System. These systems always help the security agencies in investigations to enhance the chances of getting the issue resolved and find the person who was involved in the crime.

The core intent with the CCTV Security Cameras is to prevent crime and identify people who are occupied with the area. Nowadays CCTV Systems are using various types of cameras depending on the angle of signal transmission from the system such as Dome Cameras and IP Cameras. CCTV camera is a useful tool that helps police investigations to increase the chances of getting your money or goods back. The main function of CCTV system is to record the footage of a certain area or premises to ensure the prevention of crime or theft. Thus CCTV is considered as an important addition if you think from view of security.

CCTV (closed circuit television) cameras are in great use over the years for everything from home protection to business security. The tremendous benefits of installing CCTV security cameras for your home are a lot of.

At your place of business – If you are interested in installing CCTV security cameras where you can increase the safety of you and your employees, and can successfully deter and discourage theft or even catch suspicious activity by every so often reviewing footage.

CCTV security cameras are a great home and commercial security measures accessible, aside from alarms. CCTV means “closed-circuit television”, it is a kind of signal that comes from cameras and demonstrated on the television set. The technology behind this has greatly evolved, but it still remains one of the most successful ways to effectively keep your home or business premises secure.

There are an abundance of options if you go to a reliable company. CCTV security cameras are very useful and continue to be one of the most important security equipment types today

Now, by using CCTV the level of protection for your home or office can be enhanced. But choosing the right CCTV Security Cameras also very important for viewing, managing, and also for recording video and audio in the best quality.

One Vision CCTV security cameras are popular for their supply, installation and maintenance of a comprehensive range of Business Security and Surveillance Systems. They are able to supply specialized equipment.

Happy customer Philipa appreciating services and products of Security Cameras Christchurch, she says – Thank you for completing this job for us. I must say I was really impressed with the professional, punctual and courteous service of your tradesmen and office staff. Your company obviously takes pride in its customer service and this is much appreciated!!!

The larger and more commercial-built Security Cameras Christchurch will have to be purchased from security equipment specialty vendors, numerous of which are found online. These are little more expensive than the kinds that are often purchased for homes, but that price is successfully paid back in low maintenance in the long run.

For purchasing Security Cameras Christchurch one vision is one of the best options to choose from.One vision is Christchurch based experts in electrical, solar, security, surveillance, and alarm systems.

If you are worried about the security of your premises it is prudent idea to install CCTV system that is equipped with monitoring at efficient pace. An efficient way to obtain surveillance and security at your premises is through CCTV camera systems. Closed Circuit Television or CCTV Camera Systems are used throughout the world for transmitting Video Signals from one specific location to a number of monitors. CCTV Cameras are usually equipped with monitoring specified places such as railway stations, factories, multi-stored shops, car parks, museums, airports, city centres and other public places.

Today there are modern CCTV Camera Systems using advantage of compact size and with high definition cameras are using for securing your premises. Security systems and surveillance service providers are specially oriented with production of CCTV Camera Systems that are able to benefit your security efforts for protecting your premises.

CCTV Camera Systems Christchurch are a must and already been used in Banks, Offices, Hospitals, Shopping Malls and Hotels to prove safety and protect you. The home security and surveillance systems offered by One Vision gives allow you to outlook the camera footage live from your iPhone, computer, or even your television.

From the above discussion, we conclude that CCTV camera systems Christchurch are installed for security reasons like to reduce crime, to keep a watch over public places, for a safer working environment in workplaces and it is there to keep track of a criminal or suspects or even to capture a crime-taking place