Security Systems

Security Systems

At One Vision, we supply, install and maintain high quality yet affordable Security Systems, CCTV, Surveillance Systems and Cameras suitable for both business Security and home security. We use Bosch and Sony, in our opinion the two best brands in New Zealand. They are similar in price and features and both are a High resolution System, this gives you a far superior product without being expensive. High Res gives you:

  • A better picture
  • Better facial recognition
  • Better license plate recognition
  • Makes the system more useful to identify potential issues
Security Tip:
Watch out for cheap, non-branded camera systems, often mass produced in China with few quality controls. Although cheaper in the short term, with their short lifespan and poor picture quality, they usually work out more expensive in the long term.
When looking for a security system for your home or business, we offer FREE on-site consultations to give you an accurate quotation with the right cameras for the job. We rarely give quotes over the phone as we want to ensure there are no surprises for you during the installation process. We will arrange a time to suit you, even evenings or weekends, if required.


We install security systems of any size, from only 1 camera, through to our largest installation to date, 200 cameras all linking into 1 computer system and install security systems for both Commercial Security and Residential Security applications.


Mega pixel cameras are now available, these offer exceptional quality but, obviously, at a higher price. If the picture clarity is especially important to you, these would be the recommended option for the future. Although expensive at the moment, the prices will come down.


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